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We’re moving!

Due to the expansion of interests and grids (from SL into JokaydiaGrid, OSGrid, ReactionGrid, NWG, etc) and online games (i.e. World of Warcraft, Glitch, Disney, Minecraft), the post topics have outgrown the label of “Second Life.”  Therefore, we’ve just launched a new WordPress site– .

Hope you’ll make the hop with us and continue reading!😀

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Pandamonium Hits WoW

If you have any gamers at all in your classes, you may not have seen much of them this week.  Tuesday, the latest World of Warcraft expansion, Mists of Pandaria went live.  The WoW forums were rampant with both kids and adults exclaiming that they were taking off for the next day, some the entire week, just to be the first to level up their new Pandaren characters or “toons.”  Pandaria has an oriental theme and the latest class is the monk (think Disney’s Kung Fu Panda, though the original Warcraft pandas predate Disney’s by years).  The buildup to the release has been months in the making, including the cinematic trailer to wet the appetites of players and non-players alike.


I didn’t jump in the first night of the release (as I understand it, it was pandamonium–pun intended), but Wednesday night after the #Gamemooc Tweetchat, I was prompted to try out the new Pandaren starter area.  Speirling, the Pandaren mage, was born.  And, after a few hours, I have to admit–I got choked up by the cinematics and storyline–I was that immersed.



Now, educators might be asking why in the world this is important to their courses.  Well, gaming is an everyday part of many students’ lifestyles.  It helps to know what’s happening in the gaming community to spark those students’ interests and get them more actively involved in class.  (Once you get a gamer talking about his/her favorite game, trust me, they are passionate–the key is to plug into this passion and bridge it into the classroom.)

There’s something else involved here that can be useful to educators, particularly those working with social issues and topics such as multiculturalism.  World of Warcraft tends to rely on real world cultural themes to build it’s various races.  The Pandaren areas are, as I said, oriental in design.  Other races in-game have Celtic, Germanic, African, Caribbean Islander, and Native American as their guiding themes (I’m probably missing a few).  It would be interesting (I think) to get students talking about these themes and if they border on being too stereotypical.  Do any of the areas make them uncomfortable?  If so, why?  Or does the immersion, buy-in factor, and in-game mythology/storyline dissolve these issues as the gamer becomes the character?  Other questions might include why the gamer chose the race that he/she did or the faction (Alliance vs. Horde).  The discussion could then be connected to how we feel and deal with race and cultural issues in the real world and how we identify ourselves.  Might be an interesting discussion that prompts many many more.:)

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Fall ’12 Semester Kick-off in SL

The past few months have been a mixed bag for the few of us from USA working in SL and other virtual worlds.  With the loss of Jaguarland, yours truly had to regroup and decide whether or not to keep up the tours and the groups, etc.  Through lurking and semi-participating through various MOOCs hosted by the VWBPE crew and getting an almost nightly dose of “edugamer fiero!” from Cog Dis (the *huge* educators’ guild in World of Warcraft), my belief in using virtual worlds and gaming as learning platforms has been revived.

With that, I’ve created a new home location for anyone in Jag Islanders.  Our new “Jag Islander Outpost” is in Oxbridge Village, right near the Oxbridge tutorial.  The Oxbridge sandbox is in the same sim (it’s up in the sky, so you’ll need to fly if you don’t have the landmark).  We’re also situated right on the water, under Caledon Steam Sky City, the aetheric floating steampunk area.  We’re also near the Oxbridge Village town green, where lots of Oxbridge students relax and “meet and greet”.  So there are plenty of things to see and do.  The building itself has a couple of small group meeting areas.  Outside, there is a dock for virtual fishing or if someone wants to explore the waterways of Caledon, there’s a boat rezzer, complete with oar giver.  Anyone in the Jag Islander group can set their home to this location too!  The slurl to the new location is: .  A  notecard giver just inside the door will provide the landmarks to the Oxbridge tutorial, sandbox, etc.

Jag Islander Outpost

The new Jag Islander Outpost

View from the dock

View from the Outpost dock
(underbelly of Steam SkyCity as well as the A-Maze-ing Steampunk Castle in the distance)

To kick off the latest round of tours, we’ll be heading to the Arkansas State University sims this week.  ASU has five sims, much of which house their efforts in virtual heritage preservation of the small Arkansas towns and architecture of the mid-1800s to mid-1900s.  Their latest addition is parts of the small town of Dyess, AR, including a replica of the childhood home of country legend Johnny Cash.  We’ll meet at the new Jag Islander Outpost ( on Thursday, August 23rd at 6 pm central (4pm slt) and head out to the ASU Heritage sims.  Hope to see you inworld!

Johnny Cash's childhood home--Dyess, AR

Virtual replica of Johnny Cash’s childhood home–Dyess, AR

Southern Tenant Farmers Museum

Southern Tenant Farmers Museum

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Post July 4th theme for the tour this week!

We may have lost Jaguarland but I’m still doing tours!  (Actually now, I have the chance to branch out of SL, so don’t be surprised if you see tours of Inworldz, World of Warcraft, Cloud Party, or JokaydiaGrid coming up!)

This Thursday’s tour has a Fourth of July theme–even though it’s on the fifth–kind of a “Freedom isn’t Free” with respect to those who have sacrificed so that we can have the day off on July 4th and picnic/bbq/shoot fireworks/etc.

Our new jumping off point is Aether Education and Virtual Travel in Caledon (  The cool thing about jumping off from this spot is that it’s situated in one of the great places to roam and explore in SL–and, there’s plenty of pre-built tours inside the building, so if you want to explore other places (both academic or non), there’s a good deal of notecards available to point you in the right direction.:)

But back to this week’s tour–we’ll be heading to the virtual Mount Rushmore first, followed by a visit to the U. S. Veterans’ Center at Patriot Island and we’ll finish up at T2’s PTSD Experience.  We’ll leave at 6pm central (4 pm slt).

Sometimes we can hop around rather quickly so make sure you’ve done a tutorial and know the basics of Second Life before jumping in on a tour!.

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Gone but not forgotten…

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here.  Over the past few weeks, on a personal level I’ve had a world of new opportunities opening up within the virtual environment and MMORPGs that I’ve been off exploring on one level or another.  Some of these have, amazingly enough, pulled in my previous life as a theatre geek (I was asked to do a presentation on Basic Storyboarding).  Others are totally new to me (gamification theory)–but I’ve taken to it like a duck to water (pardon the overused analogy there).

In the midst of all of this expansion, we lost Jaguarland.  I knew it was coming.  With Linden Labs doubling the price on educational and non-profits, it was a lot of money being thrown at something that, quite honestly, our profs never seemed to quite get the hang of.  As difficult as it was to dismantle Jaguarland (it’s been a daily part of my life for 3 years!), I’m grateful to the Deans of the College of Education and to Dr. Dempsey for allowing it to live (albeit virtually) for as long as it did.  I learned a lot taking care of that sim–terraforming, setting up parcels, creating machinima skyboxes, troubleshooting, cleaning up after griefings, leading tours–the list goes on and on.

Where to go from here?  We’re working on taking parts of the Jaguarland builds to JokaydiaGrid.  I’ve rented an area there called Aether Isle where the Mobile Bay Lighthouse and some of the cottages from the Jag Guardian Village will be appearing shortly.  JokaydiaGrid, while it’s not as famous as Second Life, it runs on the same basic code and is only $25/month (as opposed to Second Life’s $295) for a full sim.  It’s also education-focused and is one of the growing grids being used by educators who are looking for a place to play with virtual worlds and experiment without a huge amount of expenses.  Once we get the sim fully set up, I’ll be doing a tour there–I’ll announce it when the time comes.

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Two new opportunities coming up

For those who missed the Virtual Worlds MOOC following the VWBPE conference, we’re not through yet!  Due to requests to keep going, we’ll be rolling out two more MOOCs shortly.  One will be a more indepth focus on machinima making and participants should come out of it with their own completed machinima project.  The other will be a group exploration and building of an ARG (Alternative Reality Game) which uses a mystery that needs to be solved as a means to help participants learn about a certain period of history.

We’re still building the MOOCs at this time–I’ll post more when we get ready to take on participants!

Until then…see you inworld!

As I said in the last post, it’s been a whirlwind few weeks.  I’m still visiting multiple grids/rpgs per day–I’m just not doing multiples at a time anymore!  I’ve been amazed at the people I’ve met in the Cognitive Dissonance and Inevitable Betrayal guilds in World of Warcraft (they’re educators’ guilds on the US Sisters of Elune server, if anyone wants to check them out).  Chat with these folks can shift from goofy and light, to serious discussion about gaming related educational theory to commiserating and advice on everyday work issues, all within a matter of minutes. And…I keep learning about new techy bits from them!

I’m no gamer and my recent stint in WoW isn’t making me into one–I’ve made pretty much every mistake imaginable with my little characters.  For someone who is a former theatre geek and writer, though, the settings and narrative are easy to get swept up in.  I’m constantly at odds with myself over letting myself get swept away and experiencing flow first-hand or staying objective and looking at the process with a critical eye.  There is something here for educators, particularly instructional designers.  Some would mock my saying that, but the designers of WoW are brilliant at scaffolding and gauging the zone of proximal development to keep people going through the quests.  The “levelling up” process is all about external motivation.  The combination is amazing and, we, as designers, would do well to see what we could do to harness this system and tweak it to our own ends.  Does that mean we have to bring students into WoW?  While there are educators doing just that with varying levels of success, we don’t have to bring students into the game to bring “WoWology” (I just made that up) into the classroom–by creating quests that get progressively more involved as our students are able to do more, providing surroundings that inspire exploration, and supply plenty of badges, prizes, gifts, etc. as our little gamers/students move up through the levels.

That’s just my 2 cents–I’m still loving exploring and digging out gems in this new (to me) landscape!

So far, I have 4 characters that I’ve been working through–two Alliance (supposedly the “good guys”) and two Horde (supposedly the “bad guys”).  For whatever reason, I seem to gravitate to the short character races (gnomes and goblins) and the classes that have pets or assistants (warlocks and hunters).  I’m sure there’s a whole field out there in sociology and psychology about avatar/character preference and what that says about the psyche–but I won’t get into that in this post.  Through levels 1-10/12, new players get to know the background narrative of their race as they’re learning how to work with the controls in WoW.  Want a different narrative?  You can just make a new character with a different race.  The story arc closely resembles The Hero’s Journey archetypes written about by Joseph Campbell–so I could certainly see it being used in a mythology or literature class alongside readings of Campbell or ancient epics.

Interested in trying out WoW?  Go to and download the game (it’s a rather lengthy download)–you can play up to level 20 for free.  The educators’ guilds are on the Sisters of Elune server, US side.

My WoW characters, posed against the standard backgrounds.

Over on the JokaydiaGrid, Aether Isle and Steeltopia have now been born–I’m responsible for two new baby sims.  Aether Isle is starting to come together.  The basic design plan is for a volcano-type island that blew the center out but the minerals within the stone have such properties that the chunk that was blown skyward just stayed there.  (Okay, stretching the realm of reality into fantasy a bit–okay, a lot.)  The idea came from combining my former sim in SL, Caledon Wellsian with another of the Caledon sims, Morgaine.  Eventually, when I get everything built and scripted, I’d like to have info on the island on using virtual worlds to create educational machinima and graphic novels/comic books–and hopefully the island will be a great background for visitors to create their own!

First views of the “baby” sim of Aether Isle on JokaydiaGrid

Finally, during the second week of the Virtual Worlds Massive Open Online Course (VWMOOC) over on P2P University, we covered machinima making.  I’d done a few hit or miss things before, but mainly what I’d put together was simple talking heads kinds of things, just to supply an teaching agent to talk through a project.  For the VWMOOC, I was encouraged to get creative–we had a theme of “cowboys vs. aliens” and less than a week to put something together.  We then had a “world premier” event at the Gaiety Theatre in Caledon Penzance to show off what we’d done.  Below is my machinima created for the week, “They Came for the Cavorite”.

The above was shot in two days in Second Life (using CamStudio), followed by an all night editing session with MovieMaker to get it to some semblance of a finished product.  It was a fun little project to do.  I’m certainly itching to do more, though I won’t try to take on all the production end myself and will make sure I have more than a few days to complete it!

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Catching up after the Whirlwind

I’ve been really lax in posting of late.

The Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education conference was AMAZING.  As exploration stream lead, I used the conference to fulfill my internship hours for the IDD program here at South.  In preparing for the tours and exploration, I signed up for, played around in, and created orientation materials for MUVEs (Multi-User Virtual Environments) and MMORPGs (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Play Games) that I’d never been in.  I really did feel like I was scouting out a new frontier.  Plus, it gave me a taste of what being a newbie was like, all over again–a nice “attitude adjustment” for anyone who is getting a wee bit “stale” in their chosen comfort zone (mine’s Second Life).

VWBPE is a bit different from most professional conferences–it happens totally online in virtual environments.  This year, our base area was in Second Life, but exploration and tours led us out to Inworldz, JokaydiaGrid, New World Grid, NIA Universe, Club Penguin, EveOnline, Minecraft and World of Warcraft.  Dr. Chris Dede offered a log-in to his educational MUVE being used to teach middle schoolers about the environment, EcoMUVE, during his keynote address.  Participants also became co-authors along with Dr. David Gibson of SimSchool for the Handbook of Games: A Guide for Administrators for the Inclusion of MUVEs and MMORPGs in the Classroom.

For those interested in the conference, the website can be found at .  Archives will be going up shortly.

There is a MOOC (Massively Open Online Course) going on now, to allow those involved in the conference (and those just catching up) a place to continue the conversation and reflect on lessons learned (as well as continue the learning and share resources).  The MOOC  startup site can be found at .  Want to get involved?  You still can!  The MOOC is still accessible at .  We’re mid-way through the Machinima Week–next week, we’re in World of Warcraft–come learn and play with the experts using this stuff in their classrooms!

There’s also plenty of photos going around, of the conference, the tours, and what’s been happening in the MOOC since. , , and

Next up?  GameTech is going on now and being simulcast into the MOSES grid, for those who are interested but couldn’t make the trip.  The Federal Consortium of Virtual Worlds conference is coming up in May and will be simulcast into Second Life on the T2 PTSD Experience campus.

In other news, Aether Education (my pet project on the side) will have a new sim on the JokaydiaGrid, probably some time this weekend.  I’ll post the updates as I get it build and up and running.  JokaydiaGrid is PG, so anyone with little ones who would like to come in and use the space for teaching is welcomed to–just give me a poke (I’m Aevalle Galicia on that grid too!)

Well, that’s all I can think of for now–see you inworld!😀

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Virtual “Nation” Celebrates its 6th Anniversary in Second Life

This post is a bit late in coming.  I really should have written it days ago to give people enough of a heads-up to be able to attend the events.  Ah well, better in the midst of the activities than never!

This weekend, the virtual nation of Caledon in Second Life celebrates it’s 6th anniversary.  Founded on February 26th, 2006 with only one sim (now lovingly referred to as “Prime”), at it’s largest, Caledon expanded to 50 sims.  With a theme of Victorian steampunk, this virtual nation is the home of artists, educators, writers, and creators of all sorts with a membership of right at 1900.  Believe it or not, Caledon has created it’s own history over the past six years–it has it’s own culture and traditions–a case study for those interested in online or virtual communities.  It’s section of the Steamlands Wiki can be found here.

For those readers who might like to visit Caledon this weekend during the festivities, I’ll include the information from the schedule of events below.  (Sorry, I don’t have slurls to the exact locations at this point–but if you use the map function in Second Life and search for the sim name, you can teleport in and just follow the dots on the minimap.)  I’ll post pictures from the festivities at a later date!


The Independent State of Caledon
6th Anniversary Celebration

Caledon was first introduced to the Second Life Community in early 2006.  Although Caledon had its official ribbon-cutting celebration in the evening of April 1st, 2006, we celebrate the anniversary of when Desmond Shang, Guvnah, first rezzed Caledon (prime).  The government is a monarchy, supported by a strong aristocracy of its residents.
In Dec 05 Desmond actually had to ask friends to join the ISC group at first, with their alts, to make the group stay. It was such a crazy thing – this idea he had. Desmond was fairly sure he could get 8 or 10 people into the group and Caledon in 2006!

Such a crazy idea, Des!  We love you for having this pipe dream along with the energy to see it through.  You have touched so many lives with your vision and for that, we all thank you so very much!

This years celebration will be an old-fashioned Caledon cake social and exhibits with a Mad Scientist Ball and a Founder’s Day Ball.  Fireworks will culminate the day’s events.  (Cake is Caledon’s unofficial dessert.)

There will be home made cakes ( CONTEST!), live entertainment, a display of vintage vehicles, hissing steam engines and early 20th century automobiles, as well as other displays to celebrate our community.  Some exhibits will take place in other Caledon sims (with signage/landmarks to point the way.  The day’s events will center around the Caledon Oxbridge Village Park beginning at 7pm slt Saturday and continuing through Sunday February 26, 2012 at 9:30 pm slt

Feb. 25th. Saturday –
2nd Annual Mad Scientists Ball  7:00 pm slt- hosted by Tao Mistwalker high above Caledon Llyr in his little airship.

Cake  CONTEST:  Build your cake with a footprint of 4mx4mx10m.  Voting will be by public appeal with a special commemoration plaque awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.  Prizes if anyone would like to donate some for this auspicious occasion.  Place your cake on the clearly marked location in Oxbridge Village beginning Februay 22nd.

Vehicle Exhibit:  Place your one vehicle (pre-1920) along the designated area of Caledon Oxbridge University.  Maximum prims 30

Steam Engine Exhibit:  This will be a tour exhibit beginning at Caledon Oxbridge Village showing locations where steam engines will be on display for the day.  Please provide Miss Poppy with a landmark and brief description of your exhibit by midnight February 23th for inclusion in the booklet containing a map of the locations.

Photography Exhibit of Early Caledon:  Place your early photos on one of the empty prims located in an area clearly marked for the exhibit.  Please wear your ISC group tag so you can place your photo.

Sunday February 26th
European Ball – 11 am – 1pm slt.

Caledon Rose Hunt Phase I – 1pm slt Elenabeth Portal – 6th Anniversary Rose Hunt 1pm SLT & 8pm SLT on Saturday, February 26th.   6th Anniversary Roses Created by Vanessa Hamer

The Rose Hunt is a traditional part of the annual celebration of Caledon’s founding. A limited number of Roses bloom on the February 26th anniversary of the rezzing of the original Caledon sim, and people from all across Caledon hunt for them. The number of Roses available each year is limited and they are highly sought after.

This year, roses will bloom in two phases to better allow people who are on at different times can have a chance at a rose. Phase I roses will bloom at 1pm SLT on Saturday and Phase II rises at 8pm SLT on Saturday. Each Phase will have one rose in each Commonwealth sim. As usual, Duchies are excluded from the hunt, and secret bonus roses are a possiblity.

Live Entertainment:   6pm slt Sponsored by Caledon Concerto Cafe – Caledon Oxbridge Village pavilion.  Twank Whelan will be performing his unique brand of blues.  His musical influences are varied and include Bob Dylan, John Prine, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, The Ventures, Lou Reed and The Velvet Underground, The Grateful Dead and so many more…current acts that have caught my ear include Rob Zombie and Foster the People.  He writes and performs his own music backed up by Michael Round and Danny White, or my old partner Willy Jo Parker.  Allan Bell added orchestration to a few of  the songs, and sings harmony on one or two as well.  Randy Perryman contributed live drum tracks to several of these songs, and I also have the Mullen Sister’s helping with backing vocals on a few of them

To Be Determined:  A possible surprise performance.

Founder’s Day Ball:  7pm – 9pm slt Open Air Ballroom – Caledon Oxbridge Village.  Formal Attire Requested – Caledon tartans and kilts welcome.

Caledon Rose Hunt Phase II:  8pm slt Elenabeth Portal – See Phase I above for further information

Fireworks Display:    9pm slt from Oxbridge Village over the spires of Oxbridge University.  Hosted by Jan Stroikavskoi, Sigurd Hammerthall, and Tao Mistwalker.  This should be a beautiful photo opportunity!

Caledon Catgirl Brigade 3rd Birthday Celebration: 9:30pm-midnight
In the skies over Caledon On Sea, come finish out the Caledon  Anniversary Celebration with the infamous Caledon Catgirls!  Fireworks to follow over Mt. Caledon!


6th Anniversary Rose Hunt – 02/26/10 – ~1PM & ~8PM SLT



The Rose Hunt is a traditional part of the annual celebration of Caledon’s founding. A limited number of Roses appear on the February 26th anniversary of the rezzing of the original Caledon sim, and people from all across Caledon hunt for them. The number of Roses available each year is limited and they are highly sought after.

As in the past two rose hunts, this year’s rose was created by Miss Vanessa Hamer.

This year, Roses will appear in two phases to better allow people who are on at different times can have a chance at a rose. Phase I roses will bloom at approximately 1pm SLT on SUNDAY and Phase II rises at approximately 8pm SLT on SUNDAY. Each Phase will have one rose in each Commonwealth-owned sim. As usual, Duchies are excluded from the hunt. Please note that any undiscovered roses from Phase I will still be available to hunters in Phase II.

Additionally, there exists the possibility of a few cunningly hidden Secret Bonus Roses.

IMPORTANT NEW RULE: The 1PM and 8PM start times are approximate. The official “starting gun” will be a group notice sent out as Independent State of Caledon group notices (along with a second notice in ISC chat). These soft starting times reflect the fact that due to lag, border crossing issues, SL client crashes, and sim crashes, it may not be possible to have all roses hidden by the approximate start times. If you jump the gun, and grab a rose before the official start announcement in group notice, any rose you find will be disqualified and a replacement rose re-hidden. You may also be mocked mercilessly in the ISC channel.

The current non-duchy Caledon sims consist of:

Caledon II
Caledon Brigadoon
Caledon Cape Wrath
Caledon Cay
Caledon Dundee
Caledon Glengarry
Caledon Kittiwickshire
Caledon Mayfair
Caledon Moors
Caledon Morgaine
Caledon On Sea
Caledon Oxbridge*
Caledon Oxbridge Village
Caledon Penzance
Caledon SouthEnd
Caledon Steam SkyCity
Caledon Stormhold
Caledon Tamrannoch
Caledon Tanglewood
Caledon Victoria City
Caledon Windemere
Port Caledon

*Please note that Oxbridge is a “Homestead” class sim and is limited to 20 people. Though the Rose Hunt has been scheduled so as not to conflict with any Oxbridge classes, it would be greatly appreciated if hunters did not descend on the sim en mass. Please look at that Oxbridge on the map before you enter to make sure that it is not close to full.

Normal Caledon Roses are NOT to be found underwater in the seas and rivers of Caledon. (Though Roses may be found “underground”, where “underground” is technically “underwater”, as is the case with most of Caledon’s tunnels and caves.)

Roses are only hidden on land owned by Caledon (via the “Commonwealth of Caledon” or “Independent State of Caledon” or “Caledon Oxbridge University” groups) and not on private land owned by Caledon Residents.

The Roses are very hardy and may be found in some extreme environments at times, including high mountainous regions and in tunnels and/or caves. Some roses may have already been cut and left inside buildings or on objects.

Please search using only your eyes and the normal functions of the Linden Lab SL client. Though I’ve taken some precautions to mitigate against the usefulness of scripted scanners, third-party clients, estate manager tools, etc., I realize that somewhere, someone will be able to get around them. All I can do is ask that you don’t.

To claim a Rose that you have found, click on the Rose–it will give you a Rose named something like “Caledon Region Name Rose (XX of XX)”, and then the Rose on the ground will dissapear. If you don’t want to take the Rose, DON’T CLICK IT. (I mention this because I know some hunters choose to take pictures and leave the Roses for others.)

There will be a total of 23 Phase I Sim Roses and 23 Phase II Sim Roses hidden, plus four numbered “Artist Proofs” (given respectively to: Miss Vanessa Hamer, the creator of the 2011 Anniversary Rose, Miss Elenabeth Portal, hunt organizer, Sir ZenMondo Wormser, creator of the Rose Giver script, and Mr. Desmond Shang, Caledon Governor). (In addition to any Secret Bonus Roses that may be hidden).

The Hunt will end when all Roses have been found.

Elenebeth Portal


Caledon Cake Contest Rules

• Cakes are to be 20 prims or under.

• Place your cake nicely! (landmark below)

• Entries accepted till 5pm SLT Sunday.

• Voting will begin shortly therafter.

• Voting will close at Midnight SLT on Sunday.

• Ribbons hung, and all on display till Tuesday morning.

We will do our best to stick to this plan: any questions, please notecard Martini Discovolante. thank you!

~ martini discovolante

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Spring tours getting ready to roll!

This week, we’ll be kicking off our Spring 2012 tour season at Jaguarland with a tour of the sim and then we’ll hop over and play in the undersea area of our extension site at Caledon Sound.


Tours, as usual, are on Thursday evenings from 6 to 7 pm central (4-5pm slt) and set off from the Bay Boat Welcome Center at Jaguarland (

Dusk on the first day of having the Sound


As I get more information about our tour destinations for this semester, I’ll post them here.  I’ll also post more on the SITE and VWBPE events as it gets closer to time for them.


See you inworld!

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